Jane Wood has been developing her simple and functional style of interior design for the past 15 years. Her career began when a close friend and her husband, a prominent Houston architect, encouraged and inspired Jane in all aspects of design, home, gardening and entertaining. She later went on to work for the notable Houston design firm of Wells Design/Jerry Jeanmard under the iconic Herbert Wells.

Over the next decade came 6 homes of her own in 3 different states with extensive remodeling and additions. With each home project came a wealth of on-the-job-training along with queries from friends and guests to help with their projects. Since then, her work has taken her to residential projects around the country including Denver, Kansas City, Houston, Seattle and throughout Michigan.

Jane has always had a fondness for the incongruency of objects such as sterling silver with flax linen napkins, rustic farm tables with crystal chandeliers or Wedgewood china on a worn painted plate rack. Her preferred palette of colors leans toward the neutral and monochromatic, one might say a hundred shades of white. But, she has always relished in unexpected and contrasting colors in small rooms utilizing dark neutrals like tobacco brown or moss green.

The lives of most of her clients revolve around kids, dogs or both which makes the everyday convenience of slipcovers a favorite—whether in an imported English linen or a plain crisp white denim. Jane endeavors to make spaces functional with elements like real books on bookshelves and dining rooms that are used year round, not just at holidays. These functional spaces lend themselves to simple and casual fabrics rather than fussy or dressy selections.